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Oshana London Teachings 19.-23.12.06 & 04.-09.01.2007

Oshana will be available from 19-23 Dec 2006 and 03-09 Jan 2007 for private 1 hour One-to-One meetings.

Oshana will give a Practical Enlightenment Intensive on Sunday 07 Jan 2007 from 12:00-18:00.

03 Dec 2006

Hengen ja Tiedon Messut Transmission Room 36
Sat 14th Oct & Sun 15th Oct

Enlightenment Transmission students and spiritual teacher Dave Oshana will be of service to thousands of spiritual seekers at the Helsinki Spirit and Knowledge Fair on the 14th and 15th Oct 2006.

Perhaps for the first time ever casual passers-by will be able to witness the mind-blowing results of intense study with an enlightened teacher.

06 Oct 2006 Hengen ja Tiedon Messut »

Two London Events - 14 Aug & 03 Sep 2006

Dear student of spirit and self,

I am happy to announce dates for two exciting London events to stimulate and promote your spiritual growth with the guidance and example of enlightened teacher, Dave Oshana.

Oshana, will be visiting London after completing an intense week long spiritual retreat on a natural island in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Western Finland. His aim is to raise the spiritual consciousness of the United Kingdom, and the focal starting point for this important work will be the nation's capital, London.

Now more than ever, the citizens of London need something to uplift their hearts, through a clearer understanding of true spirituality which includes the entire world, nations and nature. Only in this way can an individual make real spiritual progress and dissolve the ego which makes life a misery for their self and others.

Oshana's first open-to-all meeting presents a rare opportunity for the simply curious to find out why Dave Oshana's insights are highly valued by countless spiritual seekers around the world. The second meeting is a special intensive for serious seekers requiring preparation and application. Oshana will also be available for a few private one-to-one meetings.

Please make time to attend these events, and share the wonderful news with friends and fellow seekers, they will be eternally thankful that you did.

Summary information and meeting web-page links follow:

14 Aug 2006
Achieving Enlightenment, Cosmic and Planetary Harmony
In this trend-setting spiritual focus event, enlightened teacher Dave Oshana invites you to consider the fundamental issue of practical spirituality: that real enlightenment is possible in this lifetime when it is not for yourself but for the sake of the planetary and cosmic harmony.

Mysteries Bookshop & New Age Centre
9-11 Monmouth Street

Arrive before 7pm.

More details about this exciting 14 Aug event:
Achieving Enlightenment, Cosmic and Planetary Harmony

03 Sep 2006
Living Enlightenment for the Sake of Others
Dave Oshana invites you to open your heart to existence and thereby consciously enter into enlightenment - your natural state by birthright.

Oshana will make clear the inherent weakness of the "pick and mix" approach to modern "pay as you go" spiritual teachings is that it increases both confusion and self-obsession, the very enemies of spiritual liberation, and the tools of disinformation of the ego.

The remedy for this modern disease of spiritual narcissism is to take the focus away from ones selfish concerns, and become concerned with the spiritual lives of others and universal harmony (in this respect Oshana's approach resembles a fusion of Confucian and Taoist wisdom).

More details and how to register for this important 03 Sep event:
Living Enlightenment for the Sake of Others

Any help or support networking these events will be received with great blessings.

19 Jul 2006

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