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Sites Offline Soon. Designer Comments Welcome.
14-19 Nov 2007

All 5 Oshana sites will be down at various times over the next week for maintenance

A 6th site, which is likely to become the main site, will be here soon.

But the new design is likely to take time especially as we will be trialling a new productivity application (Ruby On Rails)

So we have time to listen to and incorporate your suggestions.

All comments welcome. The good, the bad and especially the ugly.

14 Nov 2007

Crunch Points: Radical Spiritual Path Decisions

An Oshana Enlightenment Student seeker presents Oshana with a classic issue: whether to stay and accept an uncomfortable, spiritually-unfulfilling but materially beneficial situation or to leave and follow the path of the heart?

20 Aug 2007 Crunch Points: Radical Spiritual Path Decisions »

What Is The Transmission?
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The Transmission has a unique function - spiritual liberation from the false identity - Enlightenment. By way of analogy, the Sun and her rays have a unique role in supporting our physical and biological freedoms.

17 July 2007 What Is The Transmission? »

Receiving Transmission: Remote Preparation
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Dave Oshana explores the possibility preparation for overseas seekers seeking distant transmission who have never sat in a Transmission meeting.

22 June 2007 Receiving Transmission: Remote Preparation »

NEW: Oshana Enlightenment Blog

To celebrate Oshana Enlightenment Day, a new blog, Spiritual Enlightenment: A Guide For The Perplexed has been created at The first post is a 1050 word article entitled " Enlightenment Day & Responsibility". It describes the responsibilities accepted upon becoming enlightened.

19 June 2007 Oshana Enlightenment Blog »

Oshana Energy-Work Article
Anna Magazine

 Anna-lehti logoAnna, Finland's top women's magazine, is publishing a 3-page photo-article about Oshana Energy-Work.

The beautifully laid-out article gives good descriptions of the Energy-Work techniques and their many important health benefits.

The Oshana Energy-Work Method is a sure way to live a better life. You learn to handle day-to-day issues like emotions, thoughts, relationships and food with control and awareness.

Watch out for this Thursday's (10.05.07) edition of Anna on your news-stands. Now even your grandmother in Lapland can learn some cool life-enhancing energy-work techniques!

09 May 2007 Anna Oshana Energy-Work Article »

Eat, Breathe, Sleep Enlightenment
Summer Island Retreat
22-29 Jul 2007 Finnish Ocean

The culmination of 12 months of spiritual teaching, growth and living finds its fulfillment each year on the annual summer Oshana Living Enlightenment Retreat on a beautiful ocean island in the sunniest part of Finland.

27 Apr 2007 Eat, Breathe, Sleep Enlightenment »

Minä Olen -messut 2007 (Stand #260)
10-11th February Espoo
(links to

Spiritual teacher Dave Oshana and the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission students will give important spiritual service to thousands of seekers at the annual Minä Olen -messut 2007 (Stand #260) in Espoo's Dipoli center on the weekend of 10-11th February 2007.

This will be Oshana's fourth appearance at the messut where he was invited to present the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching and Energy-Work Method on three ocassions - a very rare honour!

Though, the space is smaller than the room we had at the Hengen ja Tiedon Messut 2006, we hope to have special Oshana Transmission One-to-ones, video presentations, free literature including our popular enlightenment comics (by a professional cartoonist) plus lecture and meditation words/music CDs. More information will be posted on and our Enlightenment-Finland e-list closer to the event. If you have ideas or can support the event in anyway please contact us.

12 Jan 2007 Minä Olen -messut 2007 (Stand #260) »

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