You are about to leave behind everything that you have ever known, and when you return everything about you will be different and everything will seem different. You will be seeing things as they really are - and from that there is no way out....
Enlightenment Now

"Do you really want Enlightenment?

"Do you really want Enlightenment, Sir?"


"Do you really really want Enlightenment, Sir?"


"Do you really really really want it, Sir?"


"Then how much do want it, Sir?"

"I really really really want it."

"Pardon, what was that?"

" I really really really want Enlightenment."

"You really really really want Enlightenment?"

"Yes! Yes! I really really really want it."

"Very good, Sir"

"Well, can I have it then?"

"Sorry but no, Sir. We don't have any left."

"But you said...."

The above dialogue is an adaptation of a comedic scene "Suits You Sir" which depicts a customer who requests a fitted suit from two snobby British tailors (played by Mark Williams and Paul Whitehouse on the Fast Show).

My first 33 years on this planet seemed like that. Whilst Jesus finished his stay on Hotel du Monde (Earth), pinned naked and battered to tree (not exactly the penthouse suite, uttering the immortal words "Eloi! Eloi! Lama sabachthani!" ("My God! My God! Why has Thou forsaken me?"), my residence here started with the exact same words!

"God!" I could be heard muttering under my breath so as not offend my relations,"you have made a very big mistake - in my case." God, of course, never makes mistakes, and for 33 years I had what was coming to me. "The Wonder Years" it wasn't.

The Symbolic Story

At the age of 10, I wrote a story about someone, a future king, from a faraway planet who incarnates into desperate circumstances on Earth and then one day is transported back to his planet, through an energy gate in a tree, with all the lessons he needed. Only then can he guide his planet.

Chicago - The Last Mid-Western Town

That reminds me of the time I went to Chicago in the late 80's. I didn't spend my time in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Wrigley Field's Baseball Stadium or Giordano "Chicago's Famous Stuffed Pizza". For 10 weeks I roamed the "L" an elevated subway train system, through Chicago's deprived neighbourhoods, ghettos and slums to meet with community leaders, missionaries, law enforcement and national organisations about social problems and the proposed solutions. I had foreseen the same problems coming to the UK in 5 -10 years. MacDonald's and Burger King were the least of those worries.

Leave London

We now have a crime epidemic in London that is spiralling out of control, and there isn't the political will, know-how or resources to turn it around. London is doomed. Only the most aggressive and self-serving predators can survive there. The innocent, unsuspecting victims will be destroyed or forced to leave.

This information will come as a shock to many. "Waking up" is a shock - if you resist it. See the Truth and warmly accept it. It will keep you alive both physically and, more importantly, spiritually.

Future Turmoil

When Light comes into the World then there is turmoil. Grasp the Light and don't look back or down. You really don't want to have to come back to this world in the confused state that you entered it in this incarnation.

It's going to get worse everywhere. The rot from the bad apples is already spreading and upsetting the whole planet.

Chicago still has it's problems. They are probably worse. I had visited Youth at Risk, Cabrini Green Housing Development (now demolished, thankfully) anti-gangs community project, a Christian evangelical college missionary project, a Jewish women's social work organisation, the Guardian Angels, the Chicago Police Department, the law courts. I looked at the work of United Way, which co-ordinates funding from millions of monthly salaries to hundreds of charities. All that help, all that work and things are not getting better...

A Vision

Half a life ago, when I was 18, I had vision, a mission to save the world. I was to clean up the neighbourhood by organising youth crews to pick up litter, plant flower-beds and wash off graffiti. It was to be a project that was so successful in turning potential delinquents into community saviours that it would be copied all over the UK and the World. It would herald a new era of co-operation, peace and mutual prosperity. Children would be proud to be alive and contributing to the human race. It would become a better world - a utopia.

Such a powerful vision. It meant a whole new way of life. It terrified me. I considered putting the plan into action, it seemed complicated, it meant disturbing people close to me. I awoke each day bursting with both optimism and fear and noticed that my arms and legs were crossed. I didn't get up. I didn't go out. I fretted about the consequences. I became skeptical of those that tried to help at any level.

But I continued to look for a way to help, a stress-free, but effective way to help. Nothing appeared. And so, I spent almost the same period of time, 18 years, seeking a way.

Too complicated

My life had become doubly complicated. Not only was I looking to liberate myself but now I felt that the liberation of everyone was necessary. That's 7 billion people! More than doubly complicated!

This was too much for me and I tried to forget it but I couldn't because it was the most amazing time in my life. I had tasted the Kingdom of Heaven, but afraid to climb Jacob's Ladder, I lost it...

This happens to us all...

A great proportion of people, that I meet, have, in the past, had an opening or awakening that was so powerful that they ran away or passed out with fear. They then feel guilty and develop a strange fascination. They want to enter the experience again but are also afraid. So they enter a spiritual No-Man's wasteland. They are stuck not only in this life, but forever...

You can come quietly or the hard way...

When they meet an Enlightened Teacher, or even a student of the Teacher. they either sweetly and softly open up, resist at first and sharply crack open or run away.

Inherent Dangers

When I was 18, I wanted no-one to suffer the burden of the mission that I had. I didn't tell you above, that it was more than just cleaning up the neighbourhood. It would involve going into war-torn areas, like the Iran-Iraq border, and requesting both sides stop bombing each other, or race-hate ghettos and getting all races to love each other. Dangerous work, and I didn't want anyone to risk their life. And yet. I knew that it was the only way to clean up one's own act and the human race's act. I kept my mouth shut, because the vision, the awful truth seemed to much too burden anyone with. Consequently, I felt bad, frustrated and confused.

"Eloi! Eloi! Lama sabachthani!" ("My God! My God! Why has Thou forsaken me?") was taking on a whole new dimension of meaning. The world was looking more desperate, and this idealistic kid, me, had no ideals left to believe in. I felt like part of the problem. I tried to drown out that awareness but I didn't have access to drugs. People find that weird. I never took drugs. I was at parties and I didn't even know what people were doing.

The Prevailing Numbing Down Culture

From the age of 5 I had been involved in Yoga and Meditation. Somehow I knew that escapist stuff, poisoning and numbing the body, wasn't for me.

It's now becoming clear that many processed substances that are taken into the human body actually numb it, distract it and addict it thus making full awareness extremely difficult.

When I started teaching, I didn't want to give advice to people, I didn't want to tell them how to live. I encourage independence.

But now I am starting to give dietary advice. When people contact The Energy around me, and they don't know what I am teaching, they spontaneously find that their body purges itself of impurities. You can imagine how that happens - we don't need to get graphical.

We didn't consume frozen pizzas, potato chips, fried donuts and beer when we first appeared upon the planet, and the body doesn't want it now either. A program in the Mind, installed by advertising and culture, wants you to think that you want it..and you do..and you are going to an early grave.

I am very serious about this. I want you to have the maximum chance of waking up fully and permanently. I haven't come here to provide a circus sideshow of magnificent lights, all sorts of manifestations and temporary healings. Unfortunately, those things are part of the package just like the complimentary meal on a long air flight (which is often the wrong food combination for your body). It's great to experience these things, and often necessary, but it can attract wrong types who take it the wrong way and get burnt or bored.

Selection Procedures

Consequently, the Teaching is now only given to mature, committed and able people. Everyone is welcome to come to a public Introduction, which really is NOT an beginner's introduction, because the Transmission is always powerful, and the information always new. It is an Introduction simply in the sense that it is an opportunity for newcomers and I to meet and to decide if we are going to work together.

A Relationship

Enlightenment teaching is not a distant product. It is a relationship. I am not going to take someone across the Desert of the Real (from The Matrix) if The Energy says that they are going flunk out and start crying of mummy - that would jeopardise everyone. Consequently, everyone who studies with me is carefully chosen. As time goes on we are saying "Not this time" to more and more people.

I didn't want it to be like that. I thought I was here to save the world en masse. But instead my priority is to Enlighten one or two people. Only in this way, can Enlightenment spread. Teaching Enlightenment has always been a close and personal relationship. A large group cannot understand what each member is experiencing on the inside.

However, there is value in teaching small groups, and there will be small group Intensives. Entry into these groups involves selection procedures, and there is nothing that a person can do to guarantee their place.

[Note: If I already know you and have had repeated contact with you then your chances are slightly better than someone than who has never met me and suddenly asks to attend an Intensive.]

However, new people of great ability and commitment are arriving all of the time and if The Energy wants them to be on an Intensive it may mean that a less serious and less able person may lose their place.

You have to realise that this all about getting someone Enlightened not about keeping anyone's ego happy.

Those who went before

When people come to me, it's a bit like the comedy sketch (mentioned at the beginning).

They say, "I really want Enlightenment. It's my whole life's work. I have/will give up everything for it."

"We will see, won't we?", I say.

Generally, they don't know what they are asking for, how it will change them and if they can handle it.

Consider space travel and all that is involved in an astronaut's training, the social factors, the family and national expectations, the agenda of the sponsors, the inherent and unknown dangers, the emergencies, the stress, disorientation of zero-gravity, no magnetic pole, no day and night, no countryside walks...but there will be spacewalks - lots of them - but you can't go back to your neighbourhood...

Can you handle all of that? Or will you be crying for mummy as soon as Nasa's Cape Canaveral count-down begins?

You are about to leave behind everything that you have ever known, and when you return everything about you will be different and everything will seem different. You will be seeing things as they really are - and from that there is no way out....

Have Enlightenment-Now!

Taxi, I need an exit, fast!
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