Intensive Preparation

Advice, Guidance &Preparation


Generally, you should be living a clean life, and only imbibing food substances which are fresh, light and pure. Oshana has prepared a short essay on this, and will be writing specifically about using foods in an intelligent way to purify and maintain ones system.

One Week before Intensive

Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, non-prescription drugs, mind-altering, intoxicating or addictive substances for at least 1 week before the Intensive.

One the Eve of the Intensive

  1. Abstain from heavy foods the day before the Intensive. Last main meal to be at least 3 hours before night rest. Last snack to be at least 2 hours before night rest.
  2. Arrange your fresh clothes, seating material, travel plans, water and food for the Intensive.
  3. Allow enough time to calm down at night and rest.
  4. Take a hot bath. Afterwards stand in a warm-place and cool down. Let everything drain out of your system. Drink some water if you feel dehydrated.
  5. Put on fresh 100% cotton clothes and bed sheets. Make sure you will be warm all over all night.
  6. As you lay in bed connect to the Enlightenment Energy (the energy inside that you guides you to Enlightenment), dissolve and let all things drift away.

On the Morning of the Intensive

  1. Awaken slowly. Move slowly. Drink water. Empty your digestive organs. Brush your teeth. Stand in the shower, get clean, and dissolve.
  2. Just before you leave put on your fresh clothes (or you may put them on at the Intensive if there is space).

On the Day of the Intensive

  1. Arrive at the stated time. Register and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Bring any special cushions, yoga mats, or meditation chairs that will fit the room and make you comfortable on the floor.
  3. Turn off all mobile phones, alarm clocks/watches and bleepers and remove them from the teaching/transmission area.
  4. Remove all unessential items from the Teaching/Transmission area.
  5. Bring ample light foods and 3 litres of pure mineral water for each 12 hour period.
  6. If medication has been prescribed by a medical doctor then bring enough for 24 hours. (If the medication is for a serious problem then you must inform the Intensive Organiser and Oshana, and be responsible for taking your dosages at times that are appropriate and also will not disturb the activities of the group or yourself..

On the Intensive


  1. Use the breaks to rest, drink yogi tea, eat lightly, get comfortable, take fresh air, move about, stretch.
  2. Abstain from frivolous talk, reading, phone-calls.
  3. Respect others and give them space to be with themselves.
  4. The Intensive Organiser and Oshana will also be taking a break. Please respect their space.


  1. Moderate any physical activity to an amount that you can comfortable and safely cope.
  2. Severe physical discomfort may indicate that you should stop unless it is purely emotional, psychological or energetic. You should report severe physical discomfort the Intensive Organiser and Oshana.


  1. Disclose any health problems that may limit their ability to safely follow instructions or cause problems for themselves or others.
  2. Agree to sensibly, and accurately, practice any spiritual, health and study advice given by Oshana in the past, now and in the future (for as long as you are a student), and to immediately report any difficulties arising from the exercises.
  3. Provide full contact details and and telephone number(s) of a trusted and available person(s) to contact in case of emergency.


  1. To make Enlightenment your number one commitment.
  2. To respect the space and privacy of others.
  3. To not obstruct another in their journey.
  4. To speak only what you know from direct experience.


  1. Be willing to apply yourself with total commitment, dedication and focus.

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