The Teacher-Student Relationship

Defensiveness kills the teacher-student relationship.

Openness, honesty and vulnerability is what makes it a success.

Once you have *assessed* that YOU NEED the help of your teacher, then keep the channel open even if the current becomes a bit uncomfortable.

The discomfort that you feel is Current of Life flowing freely again in your veins.

If you lose The Link in this lifetime then you do not know how many lifetimes it will be until it is re-established.

It takes a long time to find a true teacher, i.e. simply One who can make you free from the Illusion.

Many call themselves teachers but are enslaved by the same Illusion. If you cannot discriminate the true from the false, and billions of souls currently in incarnation can not, then you are forced to use trial and error.

How many lifetimes can you waste?

You do not have a single second to waste. You do not know when your life will run out and you do not when this opportunity will leave you.

Finding a true teacher is like trying to find a specific star in the heaven. You could spend millions of lifetimes. Many do. When, finally they do meet a true teacher, their heart pounds so hard in their chest that it almost blows their head-off.

You must concentrate - lose all distractions. Concentrate on receiving Transmission and raise your awareness, energy and ability.

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