The Energy of Purification, Enlightenment - Are You Ready? The Birth of Enlightenment Teachers. The Three Aspects of Enlightened Living.

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Birth of Enlightenment Teachers

Phone Conversation 26 Nov 2002

J. waited many months to meet Oshana in London (June 2002) when it seemed that Oshana was never coming back from America. Oshana spontaneously called J. on 26 Nov 2002 and below are J's notes of their conversation.

'Co-incidentally' J was not at work, he had been sick the night before (as have a number of people who have been in contact with Oshana - not necessarily physical contact - also have been. This is part of a purification process). And 'co-incidentally' J revealed that he had just had a dream about the topics that Oshana raised in the telephone call. This is an example of The Energy preparing the student - verbalization is the last part of the process.

Below we will read about: The Energy of Purification, Enlightenment - Are You Ready? The Birth of Enlightenment Teachers. The Three Aspects of Enlightened Living.

Dear Oshana,

What a completely unexpected but truly welcome call! Your phone call came just the night after I had dreamed you were telling me about the importance of commitment in ending the search. In my dream you were almost reprimanding me on my 'slackness' and warning me of the seriousness of this search. I remember feeling as if the moment of destiny was about to slip out of my fingers maybe never to return for many lifetimes. I pleaded with you to let me continue with you as my teacher and that I would commit wholeheartedly, I don't remember the rest of the dream from there on.

Against this recent memory, your phone call came like a 'bolt from the blue'. It's true I have had a number of remarkable 'awakenings' under your influence. I have truly tasted the 'no mind' states that I had read about in the mystic writings but this was not enlightenment. As you have continuously taught, enlightenment is for good, it requires everything from you, a willingness to lose yourself and all your attachments entirely which is why 'many are called but few are chosen'.

Repeatedly you have said that what is required is a continuous surrendering to the Enlightenment Energies, that it will cleanse and direct and live your life if you but allow it - This final act of surrender is something that I have struggled with over the past months.

In many of our past sessions you indicated that there would be a period of 'hotting up' as the Enlightenment Energies works to free up old habits, attachments and patterns. How true your words were! You likened the process to being in the periphery of a cyclone striving to get to the still centre or the eye. Events and life situations would swirl madly around you but only the most determined would plough on to attain the goal of the centre.

This analogy fits perfectly, all aspects of my life are in upheaval, going from one drastic change to another - the challenge has been to remain focussed on the centre and plough on. I said to you a few days ago that I almost felt like giving up, a deep despair had welled up and I described the life events that swirled around me right now as a stereo system playing harsh music on loud.

My attention had become identified with the personal even though I had seen that the personal doesn't really exist. Like a drug addict though I succumbed to the allure of the unreal and struggled to allow the Enlightenment Energies back into my life. And then your phone call arrived!

I felt blessed indeed to hear your voice, you talked about many things much of which I can't recall. But the overall message confirmed what you had said to me in dream, that Enlightenment was a serious commitment requiring an absolutely total surrender to the Energy.

The Energy of Purification

You mentioned how people around you have been recently going through purification which manifested as bouts of vomiting or diarrhoea, and bizarrely I was going through an attack of diarrhoea the day you called!

You mentioned that the teachings were taking a new and more serious turn. Gone were the frivolous and humorous exchanges that marked your earlier teaching style from now on a more serious approach would be adopted since the ending of the search is a serious pursuit.

Enlightenment - Are You Ready?

You said that I should examine my motivation for enlightenment, that I should be prepared for a complete change to my current life. To assist in this, I should imagine what the worst would mean to my life and then realise that Enlightenment would entail radical changes in my life that I couldn't possibly envisage!

You pointed out characters from the Bible as examples of submitted teachers, performing the will of God no matter what the cost to their personal lives. Examples such as Abraham who gave up his life in the city in response to his calling or Noah who was directed by God to spend 40 years [120 years] of his life building an ark when there was no apparent reason for doing so.

You mentioned again The Matrix where Neo almost loses his life when being freed from the Program. How Neo must have felt as he found himself aboard the Nebuchadnezzer and coming to terms with the fact that he wasn't an office worker and that he never was.

You indicated that these shifts in perception are valid examples that point to the difference between the Enlightened person and one who was trapped in material existence.

All the while that you were talking to me I could feel a subtle purification process going on somewhere in the background and as is always the case when I'm in your presence my mind's chatter was slowing right down quite naturally.

You used the metaphor of the octopus' tentacles to describe the mind's tenacious grip and described the mind as an alien force and like virtual reality goggles that construct an illusory view of reality.

The Birth of Enlightenment Teachers

You also talked about being led to teach students who are prepared to share their understanding. You spoke of the need of the Enlightenment Energy to create Teachers of Enlightenment and not just personal Enlightenment for the benefit of oneself. You spoke of being like an expectant father, waiting and watching anxiously as a prospective student is born into Enlightenment.

You mentioned that you were also being directed to teach Intensives away from the city where much psychic pollution was dumped. Participants for the Intensives would be vetted and only those who were sufficiently prepared would be admitted. You said that you were no longer interested in teaching those who were out for a 'free' session hoping for a quick blast from a teacher before they went back to their daily life routines.

You warned that students should not take the Teacher for granted and that as students we were being offered a one in a million lifetimes opportunity to end it all now. That this is a valuable time and that it should not be wasted since it is a struggle to incarnate and grow to adulthood before the search resumed again.

The Three Aspects of Enlightened Living

You also talked of the 3 aspects of the enlightened person's life: Self Awareness, the manifestation of siddhis which doesn't necessarily mean psychic powers but could also mean the unique skills a person has and thirdly the following of a 'mission' in one's life.

Diet was also discussed and the importance of eating whole, natural and organic foods which would assist in keeping awareness open. The processed foods that we eat now cause much of the blockages to experiencing other energies which is our natural birthright.

Finally you asked me to consider well what this search means to me indicating that I should be prepared to give up all for the sake of Enlightenment.

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