I was quite naturally settling into a calm, quiet state of 'no identification', conscious of a vibrant quality to my essential beingness. Oshana's presence transmitted and exuded a silent current."


Enlightenment Energy At Work

While Oshana was talking I was quite naturally settling into a calm, quiet state of 'no identification'. This time however I was conscious of a vibrant quality to my essential beingness. I immersed myself in it as I sat listening to Oshana's words. In fact this was very much the way that Transmission occurred with Oshana. He would talk for a while but his presence transmitted and exuded a silent current that had an effect on the person sitting in front of him.

Notes from 1 to 1 Session with Oshana - London 27th November 2002:


The cold wind drew a sharp breath from me as I emerged from the Underground Station onto the bustling street. I took a moment to orient myself as the large stone edifice of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben loomed in front of me. Turning in the direction I needed to go I hurried on past the milling crowds of sightseers and general public all eager to gain entry into the hallowed confines of the 'Mother of all Democracies'.

None of these sights had any meaning for me at this moment for I was on my way to see Oshana, my Enlightenment Teacher for what had turned into by now a regular '1 to 1 Session'. Oshana, a down to earth yet profound spiritual Teacher that had stormed into my life that fateful day in July when I had first set eyes on this man. By his own admission, he's 'just a London lad' who became Enlightened much to his own surprise one morning in the year 2000 and has been teaching ever since.

I found myself feeling quite humbled that I had yet again been given the opportunity to sit in a private session with Oshana and imbibe his unique method of teaching. I was no longer surprised by the fact that my mind no longer functioned normally in Oshana's presence, that I could quite easily be catapulted gently and very naturally into a state where there was no experience of a personal me. These and many other experiences in past sessions with Oshana had left me with a profound respect for the process that happens around this man.

Desperately Seeking........

What was surprising was that I no longer had any sure footing, no solid understanding of what was happening to me. Being a Seeker for most of my adult life I had been attracted to the Advaita path and followed Ramana Maharshi's Self Enquiry religiously for the past seven years. My personal beliefs on what Self Realization would be like was influenced by what I had read about the Great Sage and other teachers who seemed to have awoken to the same truths.

All these teachers spoke of the unity of being, of no experiencer, no experience and of profound states of contentment and bliss that surpassed any human understanding. Against this backdrop of ideas I had aspired to cut through my own personal self with limited success in the hope that Realization would be mine in this lifetime. Little did I suspect however that I could be wrong. That what I had thought about the 'ultimate state' could indeed be so far removed from the truth that it was laughable.

Shattered Beliefs

Yet that is what is now very much apparent, since having tasted the experience of 'no mind' through a direct result of Oshana's Teachings the false beliefs I had were now shattered, laying discarded in the pit of my own memories.

As I made my way to the flat where we were to meet, I turned and saw Oshana walking towards me, he had obviously only just arrived and I greeted him with a smile. Oshana is of middling height, lean and with a relaxed but athletic feel about him. His casual attire allowed him to move freely and he always looked like he was about to set out for a run. His eyes are dark and deep, framed within a face that looked quite 'ordinary'. He was sporting a dark beard at the moment that gave him a prophetic look adding to the quiet aura that he naturally exuded.

Just An Ordinary Sage from London

What was striking to me at the time that I first met Oshana was how very ordinary he seemed to be. When he spoke, his broad 'Cockney' accent sounded as if I was talking to an old friend.

Oshana has been known to be quite comedic in his teaching style. Many of his earlier email exchanges had a big element of funny quips and an irreverent almost cheeky style. I however had only seen a few glimpses of this tendency in Oshana since he seems to have changed his delivery by his own admission throughout the time I had known him.

His very ordinariness belied the transformation that occurred whenever Oshana was teaching. It became apparent to me quite early on that an almost magical change came over Oshana when he was involved in teaching his students. The effect of this transmission was immediately obvious to those participants who opened themselves up sufficiently.

In my earliest sessions I could feel palpable energy emanating from Oshana's direction. In the latest sessions these Transmissions have had much more profound effects on me, including that of stopping the mind chatter, becoming aware of consciousness and other altered states that happened spontaneously and without any effort on my part.

Lately, big changes have occurred in my personal life that Oshana calls the 'effect of the tornado' as the Enlightenment Energies seek to enter into the life of a sufficiently prepared student.

All this and more had brought me to the point where I knew I could no longer fathom the process occurring around Oshana. As I now sat in front of him just as the session was beginning, I let go of the past and opened myself up to the Transmission that is Oshana.

Watch Out, Turmoil and Chaos - Enlightenment Energy At Work

As we settled down facing each other, Oshana asked what I was going through right now and I spoke of the turmoil in my life both on a personal and professional level. Problems had surfaced that frustrated my efforts to remain calm and centred and to stabilise in the wonderful awakenings that I had with Oshana in previous sessions. This outward conflict had left me with feelings of despair, wondering whether I was destined to achieve enlightenment in this life or not.

Oshana began by telling me that the turmoil in my life was just a sign that the Enlightenment Energies were at work. He spoke of a time in the student's seeking where the work gets very serious since what is required is an absolute giving up of one's life to the Energy. He said that my incarnation was coming to an end as I was being shown quite plainly that what I thought was the correct way of living was not in fact so.

Oshana likened the Enlightenment Energy's actions as that of a 'shoe horn' as it gently prised the back of the shoe so that the foot could slide in. In the same way the Energy was gently working it's way into my life and the result was seemingly chaos!

Inward and Outward Lives

Oshana indicated that I was leading two lives now, an inward and an outward. With the outward focused on much of the mundane life activities that I was involved in but which were now being challenged by the inward urge to submit to the Real. Since a lot of my outward activities centred around work and my extended family these were the core areas of much volatility and change at this time in my life.

Oshana encouraged me to see that all this attachment to my personal life had to be dropped. That I was being urged and forcibly shown by the Enlightenment Energies that things were not necessarily right in my life.

Only Serious Students to Be Selected

Oshana then talked about the evolving nature of his Teaching. How he was now being led to be selective in teaching students and only focussing on those potentials that were serious about Enlightenment and who were dedicated enough to be able to transmit the Teaching to others. He spoke about the need for Enlightenment Teachers now, that humanity was in desperate need of people who could transmit the Energy and wake up to the Truth.

He likened his Teaching to grasping the outstretched hand of a drowning man, deep in the morass of this illusion we call life. He confessed that in his earlier sessions he used to try and 'save' everybody even those that were languishing in the depths but that now he was directed to only focus on those that were eager to be free and were actively seeking a way out.

Light! The Enlightening Moment

Oshana also mentioned that he was very much like an expectant father waiting for the baby to be born. Enlightenment was similar to a mother giving birth, the conditions must be just right, labour pains would then occur and any number of complications could happen until the baby was out and breathing. Oshana described the moment of Enlightenment in another being as unmistakable, like a nuclear explosion, light would fill the world as a being woke up to it's true self.

Oshana told me that the Enlightenment Energy was becoming more and more selective in who was chosen to experience further teachings. In particular Oshana was being directed to conduct intensives and only the appropriate students would be allowed to attend. Often, Oshana admitted, that his mind would want a particular student to be included for a session but the Energy was quite adamant in it's direction and many students were disappointed to learn that they could not attend, especially if they had travelled far to be with Oshana.

Enlightenment Now - Because Time is Running Out

This new aspect of the teaching underlined another point that Oshana explained which was that time is running out and that his mission was simply to facilitate the birth of Enlightenment Teachers who would themselves teach and Transmit Enlightenment. Oshana spoke of the continuing decay in the social and psychic conditions of cities like London. That he was certain that he would be directed out of the city very soon and may even establish a Centre of sorts where students could learn outside the confines of polluted city environments.

While Oshana was talking I was quite naturally settling into a calm, quiet state of 'no identification'. This time however I was conscious of a vibrant quality to my essential beingness. I immersed myself in it as I sat listening to Oshana's words. In fact this was very much the way that Transmission occurred with Oshana. He would talk for a while but his presence transmitted and exuded a silent current that had an effect on the person sitting in front of him.

Transmission - 'A Beam of Intense White Light'

After speaking for nearly two hours, Oshana then asked me to relax and close my eyes and to go deep within. What followed was a period of silence and I became aware of a deepening or sinking into my own being. A myriad thoughts arose suddenly as the silence engulfed me, agitated and fast but I was centred deep within and couldn't be affected. A slight tremor rocked my spine a couple of times as I plunged ever deeper into my self.

At one point I quite clearly 'saw' a beam of intense white light pierce through layers of what I can only describe as fat, to hit home, somewhere in the centre of my being.

After some time, Oshana directed me back to normal consciousness and remarked that I had been given a large transmission today and that we would see how things would develop.

As I took my leave of Oshana I complained that I would now have to brave the city rush hour as I journeyed home. Oshana looked at me and said not to worry, as none of it could touch me..........

Effects of Transmission

In the days following this latest session I can report that a seismic shift has occurred somewhere deep within me. Whereas I previously asserted quite smugly that I was ready to give up everything in order to attain Enlightenment, I could now see that I was kidding myself. I wasn't really ready to give up my lifestyle, my work, family and other creature comforts. I could clearly see that I was very much attached to these things, they formed the basis of my identity in this life and provided a source of stability that I was subconsciously clinging on to like crazy.

Yet again the effects of Oshana's Teachings had gently rocked the foundations of long held beliefs and without effort on my part had made me see quite clearly where I needed to let go and allow the Energies to flood in.

I became aware of a deepening sense of confidence, as thoughts of completely letting go in all areas of my life rapidly filtered through my consciousness. I accepted that my world may turn upside down, that in fact 'I' would not actually exist when Enlightenment struck. With the force of this revelation I saw quite clearly that it was my small self yet again that held the Energies off. My personal programming just didn't allow Enlightenment to happen. At a subconscious level I wanted Enlightenment to be a more glorious or liberated form of my own little self.

I can see quite clearly now that this is completely absurd, that surrender really meant giving up my sense of self and be willing to literally die. This insight now sits with me as I daily try and align myself to the buzzing, all potential that I recognize the Enlightenment Energies in action.

At times I am aware of Oshana's transmissions even though I'm not physically in his proximity and I think of him often throughout my waking hours.

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