Uri Geller stops watches, Oshana stops minds.The latest, most update to date reports of Enlightenment Teacher Oshana's radical, revolutionary teachings and Transmissions by participants in their own words

Reports: They Met Oshana
"Uri Geller stops watches, Oshana stops minds!"

Uri Geller stops watches, Oshana stops minds. The latest, most update to date reports of Enlightenment Teacher Oshana's radical, revolutionary teachings and Transmissions by participants in their own words.


What are you not prepared to give up in order to gain Enlightenment?
Notes from Meeting with Oshana - 16th June 2003, London

The next step involves effort, a genuine movement in the direction of your own purpose, being clear about it and then pursuing it wholeheartedly. Even though it might mean upheaval or radical change in your life. [24 June 03]

The Ego Is An Alien Entity
Summary of Telephone Dialog - 19th December 2002

The ego is alien to human nature - gradually like a parasite feeding off its host it has taken over our entire functioning. Our real nature is infinite compassion and Love. [15 Jan 03]

Enlightenment Energy At Work
Notes from 1 to 1 Session with Oshana - London 27th November 2002

While Oshana was talking I was quite naturally settling into a calm, quiet state of 'no identification'. This time however I was conscious of a vibrant quality to my essential beingness. I immersed myself in it as I sat listening to Oshana's words. In fact this was very much the way that Transmission occurred with Oshana. He would talk for a while but his presence transmitted and exuded a silent current that had an effect on the person sitting in front of him.
[12 Dec 02]

Interview with Oshana
Private meeting 13 Oct 2002

But if you tell me it was here a moment before, I would take this as hallucination. For me memory is literally an hallucination. This cup is not solid as it seems to be. It gets continuously re-created moment to moment. The memory of a past moment is nothing but an hallucination.

Birth of Enlightenment Teachers
Phone Conversation 26 Nov 2002

The Energy of Purification, Enlightenment - Are You Ready? The Birth of Enlightenment Teachers. The Three Aspects of Enlightened Living.

21st July 2002 - Westminster, London.

The feeling of things arising in Awareness grew stronger, at one point it felt like Oshana and everyone else in the room were extensions of this awareness. I could almost flip and see out of Oshana's eyes but I didn't.

Deepening Awareness
Still Point . Oshana Potentials Meeting. 7th July 2002

Ever since I've encountered the Oshana energy, I've experienced a deepening of awareness, at times I feel the 'still point' sometimes it's above me, sometimes behind, today it was in the centre of my chest and the world including my physical body rotates around it.

Life-style, Awakening &Enlightenment
OshanaPotentials Meeting 7 July 2002

Commitment You indicated that you are looking for students who show the requisite commitment to going all the way to permanent Enlightenment (want to reach the summit of the mountain rather than stopping at teashops along the way)