Is Oshana's Blissed Out! a Lecture or a Dialogue? William Shakespeare for Hello magazine

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Is 'Blissed Out!' a Lecture or a Dialogue?

I do not give talks but have Dialogues, in which, I gently share the Perspective of Reality from where I am looking. A Perspective which I believe will radically alter people's lives.

The enquirer has the opportunity to have the experience of their own Totality. This happens in group sessions and one-to-one sessions.

The Perspective does not identify with being a person i.e. having a history, problems and issues, but with being in essence: Bliss. However, the existence of the material 'person', in my case David, still persists. What is my relation to David? He is the closest 'entity' to me: Bliss.

David surfs the Bliss and goes about attempting to talk about it. David is now a 'happy camper' and a 'surfing dude'. Bliss itself, isn't really into words though it can, in principle, be loosely conveyed by any gesture, look or expression.

However, 'bliss' that can be conveyed is a Secondary Manifestation of true Bliss, a pale imitation. Anyone could potentially be a 'bliss merchant', a purveyor of high quality experiences. For example, William Shakespeare, by describing life through both actors and readings, was able to initiate profound but fortunately temporary emotional states in an audience.

However, as every subscriber of 'Hello' magazine knows: reading about the lifestyle of the rich and famous is not the same as having in it. Eventually, one has to put down the magazine and do the housework. Which is what I am going to do!

In other words: I am going to read 'Hello' magazine :-)

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