If Coca Cola is the Real Thing, then What does As It Is mean in relation to Genetically Modified Foods? Shave the Razor's Edge

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Is Coca Cola the Real Thing?

Shaving on The Eternal Razor's Edge

Talking about razor's, pins and torn t-shirts is something of an adolescent fetish which exploded in our faces at the end of the Seventies with punk rock.

Normal life is being surrounded by bags of unused disposable nappies and rubbish bags filled to the brim with used ones...and there is not a saftey pin in sight.

This is a metaphor for life. There is no safety!

Having realised this fact some 'life-teachers' (as if there were a better to teacher than life itself but "Hey! Viva the the Genetically Modified Foods revolution - pass the Coca Cola, dude - it's The Real Thing.) have made an industry out of showing you that life is lived without a saftey-net. They do this by introducing all kinds of 'crazy wisdom' behaviours, tests and austerities. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. Of course, there are a minority of seekers who are masochistic but that should not give their teachers (p/t sadists) a license to practice on spiritual minors. But it doesn't work like that. If you find yourself in the Sheikh's Harem tent then he naturally presumes it is for a good reason - himself!

Being surrounded by nappies means I am also surrounded by babies. When the nappy arrives so does the baby to fill it - normally just before the nappy arrives!

Babies don't pretend to know anything. The world is neither safe nor unsafe. This is the Truth of Perception As It Is.

[Source: Oshana Mailing List]