enlightenment..Gaining and losing enlightenment. Andrew Cohen says his students do..Ramesh Balsekar says one goes in and out...Papaji followers talk about `deepening'

Enlightenment Now


The Myth of Free Samples

Enlightenment Does Not Deepen or Disappear

There is a lot of talk about gaining and losing enlightenment. Andrew Cohen says his students do. Apparently, Ramesh Balsekar says one goes in and out and finally stays there. A number of Papaji followers talk about `deepening'.

From my perspective, enlightenment cannot deepen. It cannot do "anything" and nothing can be done to IT.

I am infinite and eternal. "IT" cannot get any deeper than this. I hear that Ramesh has called these temporary experiences of enlightenment: "free samples". I don't know if he is suggesting that these "free samples" are in fact the real thing i.e."enlightenment" or just copies.

"Free samples" are limited products. The infinity and eternity of enlightenment could not be squashed into a free sample sachet.

There is no coming and going either. Does anyone come back from the dead? Could they? Why would they?

Following the same reasoning (briefly): once the ego has been `killed' then what is left? If the ego comes back then it was never dead. My understanding of `ego' is simply identification with this human life which is called David.

There is no half way here, but only two mutual opposites, either one is identified with this human life or one is not.

I have tested this "enlightenment" (which I noticed exactly 2 months ago after having called off the search and returning home). I sought to test this "enlightenment" in order to discover if it was just a passing physiological state. This enlightenment has been unshakeable, nothing has moved it. There is no coming and going.


[Source: Oshana Mailing List]