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Enlightenment is not linguistic. It is not taught by altering conceptual beliefs. It is not perceiving the physical world differently. It is a core transformation. Where identification ceases.


Awakening Inside The Matrix

Awakening, Teachers and the Matrix.

Teaching Enlightenment

I speak of enlightenment. It is all I have the authority to do...

Staying Enlightened

Enlightenment is a full, permanent recognition of what one truly is, free of all false positions, speculations and other mental encumbrances. ... The true master does not ask you to empty your Zen tea-cup in order to refill it with his own brew, but simply to encourage you to remain empty.

The Failure of Western Enlightenment Teachers

Identifying the authentic guru

Total Happiness Dialogue Meetings

Is 'Blissed Out!' a Lecture or a Dialogue?

I do not give talks but have Dialogues, in which I gently share the Perspective of Reality from where I am looking. A Perspective which I believe will radically alter people's lives.

Seeker Types: Philosophers, Doers & Experiencers

There are several types of seeker: philosophers, doers and experiencers. I hope you are an experiencer... What I want to you to get is a permanent experience.

Total Happiness Promise

You can be totally happy - all of the time. It could happen very easily and quickly. Oshana makes it possible.

The Real Return Journey

Oshana spent his whole life pursuing happiness. When he found it he knew he had to share it. He arrives...

The Purpose of Satsang

What is the purpose of Satsang? The seeker has his reasons. The teacher has hers. Ones' opinions are not the truth. What happens is often magical, and unplanned.


The Universe will throw all that is not real away.
What will remain?
That which always was, is, and will be.

The Oshana Guarantee

A Spiritual Teacher's Guarantee

Happiness is what you really are... All you have to do is relax into it. Give up your concerns, tensions, worries and issues. Easier said than done? Actually, it's easily said and done simultaneously.

The Truly Free Guarantee

Is it possible to be truly happy and free in the midst of chaos, uncertainty and struggle? Whatever your problem, I want to hear from you.

The Myth of Free Samples: Enlightenment Does Not Deepen or Disappear

I sought to test this "enlightenment" in order to discover if it was just a passing physiological state. This enlightenment has been unshakeable, nothing has moved it. There is no coming and going.

Life & Uncertainty

Is Coca Cola the Real Thing?

Babies don't pretend to know anything. The world is neither safe nor unsafe. This is the Truth of Perception As It Is.

The Mission

Open, Willing & Committed

Siddhartha Buddha

No Escape

Semantic Advaita

Enlightenment, Experience & Philosophers Who Reinterpret It


My Heart

Where is the Heart of God?
It is here, it is one, there is no separation.

"There is nothing that you can do." - Not true.


Truth: No concepts, additives, dilutions or concentrates

You wanted Peace of Mind - well, now you have it with Oshana's Unconditional Guarantee of Enlightenment! Subject to all the usual terms and conditions.


NonDuality Salon for Advaitics Open Letter

An open unsolicited letter to Jerry M. Katz (the founder of the Non DualitySalon, the greatest mish-mush of Advaitics on one website).

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