The NonDuality Salon for Advaitics. Buddha says Life is suffering, Does The First Amendment of American Constitution (free speech) permit the Advaita Shuffle, Rocky Horror Show, Time Walk &Intellectual Property? Crazy Wisdom?

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NonDuality Salon for Advaitics Open Letter

An open unsolicited letter to Jerry M Katz (the founder of the Non DualitySalon, the greatest mish-mush of Advaitics on one website). This is *not spam* as merely existing on this planet is an open invitation to harassment -thus spake the Buddha (Principle 1 of 4, for absolute beginners: Life is suffering). Thus I fully reserve my rights of free speech under the First Amendment of the American Constitution and the Fifth to not reply to any un-kosher dualistic arising.

Oshana <--- who wishes that the Creator of the Rocky Horror Show penned not "Let's Do The Time-walk Again" but "Let's Do the Advaita Shuffle Again" (The term "Advaita Shuffle" is the Intellectual Property of Andrew Cohen circa. 1995)

Beloved Jerry,

Re: The Reference to Oshana on your "Realisers and Confessors" webpage

I like you, OK. But please don't quote me . There comes a time in every founder's life when a little creative book-blurring is required and it's not necessarily to claim on the insurance.

Realise Beloved Jerry: A Master's under-graduate dissertation is often a terrible embarrassment.

One hapless Master has had to change his name seven times just so as to retake "The Test" seven times. ("No-Mind" might seem desirable from the other side of the fence- granted it has it's moments- but it also has it's problems.) Each time he re-revised his exam answers he told his students he had graduated to the 'next' level.

What level? There are no levels. It's pass or fail. I'm sure it was just a Zen/tantra/left-hand path/Crazy Wisdom/Laughing Man's tactic.

This Master then told his students to fission/fry his old books and just read the latest one. His publisher swears that this was not a marketing stunt.

Apparently, some Master's think that the Realisation of THAT, that One Unchanging-ness, could be helped along with a New (Dawn) Revelation.

Has THAT(0) become THAT(1) and look again it's now THAT(2 )----> THAT(3) infinitum

As compensation for the misleading and out-of-context quote next to my name on our website, I am prepared to accept the printing of this letter in full after every usage of my name on your site. In fact, I will have it made an International Internet Standard because every quote is out of context, and casual surfing dudes need to be warned. We wouldn't want the innocent to be dragged kicking and screaming to the Ocean of Bliss. Well, I wouldn't. After all when the Fat Guy wobbled onto a keyboard he spake thus :

"#1 Life is Surfing".

(I'm not claiming past-life inheritance or anything- don't go getting any funny ideas..OK?)

You have seven days to reply.

Your reference to my Emptiness, i.e. the quote that split the Non-Duality Community:

"Oshana. "There are many types of bliss but only one that lasts forever. Have you got that bliss yet?""

[Source: Oshana Mailing List]