your email has charmed the socks off me..You show openess and commitment , willingness to give, a sense of humour

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Open, Willing &Committed

Energy, Mission & One-to-No-one's

How am I? Good and extremely k'nackered. I reach levels of exhaustion like I never have before. Normally it feels like fever but it very rarely manifests. Now I have a few symptoms. I feel that I process people's energetic stuff. Normally this happens very quickly. It passes straight through. But if I am tired then it spins around inside a bit before exiting. Exhaustion is not really the issue, it's getting on with other projects which are soon to happen.

And so, I am thinking of limiting my exposures to high levels of radiation, i.e. psychic stuff to specific occasions, i.e. the Dialogues meetings. These are really concentrated dosages of the

Outpouring of Whateverness or Whatjama-callit-ness.

Consequently, I imagine that I can reduce the number of out-of- Meeting contacts. I already spend hugh amounts of time on the Internet and the phone. My entire life seems dedicated to Teaching and helping, and I forget about practical things. This has been appropriate and good learning. Nearly everything has been done at a loss or for free.

So now, if I meet for one-to-one Dialogues a donation will probably be involved. That way the Meeting will make some contribution to furthering the Teaching work.

Before I got your email, I was feeling 'I am so tired how can I possibly deal with another personality ever again?' but your email has charmed the socks off me and is a lovely, appropriate approach.

This is for three reasons: 1) You show openess and commitment 2) You show willingness to give 3) You show a sense of humour.

So we can sort out the details of a one-to-one. We can talk openly about it, about goals and times and places. Then we can see what happens.

I have no Glastonbury date at the moment but it'll be in a month or two.

Of course, you can sit on the floor.

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