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"Leave your mind and shoes at the door"?

Indian curries are reportedly Britain's favourite eat-out meal. But then the Brits have had over a century to get used to them. The best curries I find are home-cooked - so if you get invited: accept and enjoy the startling taste-bud sensation! A good curry is like having sensory ragas (Indian melodies) playing on both the tongue and the neuronal synapses.

However, Westerners have not had that long to understand Hindu culture, devotional attitudes, etiquette and philosophy. Consequently, most of Britain is not interested in advaita, satsang, darshan, bhakti- ("life but not as me know it, Jim" - Star Trek).

The good news (I am starting wonder if I sound like a born-again Christian) is that you don't have to become a Hindu, and you get to keep your fish and chips culture, or vegetarian South Indian thali take-aways - depending on your tastes.

The Osho (no relation) Rajneesh ashram reportedly had a sign above a gate saying:

"Leave your mind and shoes at the door".

I say bring your shoes in - someone may steal them! This is similar to the Arabic saying:

"Trust in Allah but tie up your camel."

Also, bring your mind to the Dialogue. Bring everything. It can all be dealt with - then you get to go home early/date your boss/get a pay-rise, pass through "Go" & collect £200 (Monopoly), and take an early bath (which is what football players do when they get taken off the field early - except you can take your bath alone save for nice incense, tea-lite candles and suitably ambient music (rather than with ten sweaty, muddy, hairy lads and the occasional black and white striped referee replete with pea-whistle)).

One man who came to a Dialogue even brought his dog! (However, there maybe licensing restrictions in force at a number of venues so please check in advance. OK?) :-) I don't know if the dog got IT.

That reminds me I must email the local Zen temple and ask if they have answered the centuries old koan:

"Does a dog have Buddha nature?"

[Answers on a postcard please :-) ]

Q: Will I ever get to the point?

Ans: There is only point.

This preamble was all to simply say that the Dialogues have been changing. They are now Totally_Concept_Free! Indeed, if you can find a single concept in any Dialogue. I'll give you your money back. Yes, in fact, I'll refund every single donation you have ever made, and I'll even hand over the Oshana mailing list to you (serious callers only please).

You wanted Peace of Mind - well, now you have it with Oshana's Unconditional Guarantee of Enlightenment! Subject to all the usual terms and conditions. We offer completely impartial advice. In fact, we don't offer anything at all- not even Nothing (sorry, Nihilo-philes - but I suppose we have already lost you by the time this email hits your desk).

Oshana. No concepts, additives, undiluted. Not made from concentrates (but you can try) :-).

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