Oshana Enlightenment Energy-Work Method

Asked to provide practical ways to deal with stress, mental over-activity and energetic imbalances. Enlightenment teacher Dave Oshana's response was to offer the Oshana Energy-Work Method. Now you can learn direct from Oshana in special master-classes.

Introduction Energy-Work Method

Developed by Britain Dave Oshana, the Oshana Energy-Work Method is a powerful healthcare system designed to tone, detoxify and strengthen the body's muscles and internal organs. Based on over 20 years experience with Western and Oriental healing arts, it offers effective solutions to real-life problems encountered by ordinary people and healthcare professionals. more >>

Why do Oshana Energy-Work?

The body is the toxic dumping ground for the bad thoughts and repressed emotions. Clean the body out and these troubles are washed away, leaving space for fresh new energy to flow in. The body can be your worst nightmare or your best friend - an oasis of bliss, freedom and pleasure. more >>


In Finland the OEWM has been enthusiastically received at a 6-day teaching retreat July 2003, and practiced by over 260 participants at the Mina Olen messut (I Am exhibition)in February 2004.

About Dave Oshana

Oshana-Enlightenment-LogoSpiritual Enlightenment Transmission, Teaching, Techniques, Lifestyle Advice, Energy-Diet and Spiritual Service with Awakened Spiritual Teacher Dave Oshana - designer of the Oshana Energy-Work Method. About Oshana.Org »