The body is the toxic dumping ground for the bad thoughts and repressed emotions. Clean the body out and these troubles are washed away, leaving space for fresh new energy to flow in. The body can be your worst nightmare or your best friend - an oasis of bliss, freedom and pleasure.

    Oshana Energy-Work Method

Why do Oshana EnergyWork?

" If you like cleaning you will love doing energy work. If you want to feel good then you need to do Oshana EnergyWork."


The body is the toxic dumping ground for the bad thoughts and repressed emotions. Clean the body out and these troubles are washed away, leaving space for fresh new energy to flow in. The body can be your worst nightmare or your best friend - an oasis of bliss, freedom and pleasure.

Oshana EnergyWork for all

Oshana EnergyWork can be practised by anyone - young or old, sick or healthy. It requires no special equipment, space, clothing or lifestyle. You do not have to wait to feel the benefits - you will feel them immediately everytime. You do not need discipline because you will feel so good that you will want to practice. You do not need any special ability, strength, flexibility, co-ordination or kinesthetic memory - and you will improve in all these areas. The exercises are simple and safe enough to be practiced alone, and are fun to do in a group.

Oshana EnergyWork for busy people

Busy people value health, vitality and dynamism but often at the cost of their energy reserves and adrenal glands. If they burn-out it could take over 10 years to recover. By then they would have lost their leading edge. Rather than waste their dwindling energy supplies they could increase them, and achieve even more in their life.

Oshana EnergyWork for mothers

Mothers are tremendously resilient and have seemingly endless supplies of energy for to care for the physical and emotional wellbeing of the family - but often at the cost to themselves. Just a little holiday, pampering or self-care can make a great difference, and allow the mother to excel at what she does best.

Oshana EnergyWork for children

Children naturally know how to mantain and conserve their energies better than most adults. But negative conditioning and poor eduation erode their good habits, confidence and natural abilities. Never before has this negative process been so extreme as it is now in the technological age. But it can be reversed by fostering an environment where the child can learn, play and explore freely more healthy alternatives. As a parent you can give your child the best opportunity to be happy now and healthy for life.

Oshana EnergyWork for life

Energy comes from life, and Oshana EnergyWork allows one to naturally cultivate the energies that life brings. It is energy that determines who is attractive or ignored, who suceeds or fails, and who lives or dies.

Oshana EnergyWork for healers

Healers pick up the stuck energies of their clients. Even if they develop self-immunity there is a danger that they will pass the contagion on to other clients. Therefore, for the sake of their own personal hygiene and safety of their clients they should practice the Oshana EnergyWork cleaning methods on themselves before and after seeing clients. All people, especially healers and parents, act as cleaners of the energies of others whether they, or the client, know it or not. This situation cannot be always be avoided but it can be eased.

Oshana EnergyWork for therapists

Therapists, both counsellors and bodyworkers, will encounter distress and emotional discharge from their clients. They need to remain present but unaffected. If the therapist gets too involved in their client's world they may lose their objectivity and ability to help. Knowing how to handle one's own emotions and energies, and facilitating safe discharge could make the crucial difference between success and failure in therapy.

Through the process of rapport therapists can acquire the psychological outlook, emotional problems and physical maladies of their clients. To avoid this they have to protect themselves while staying open and available to their client. Until they learn how to identify how these negative affinities are acquired they have no chance of preventing or removing them. Remember that the client's main problems are powerful psychosomatic resistances which operate inspite of the client's best intentions. Any therapeutic work which seeks to remove these resistances will encounter offensive and defensive behavioural patterns which seek to distract the therapist. If the therapist has not resolved their own issues they will triggered and rendered ineffective. Then the therapy will have failed and the client have to be referrred. A situation that no-one really wants. Oshana EnergyWork allows the therapist to deeply understand the genesis of pathological energies manifesting as behavioural patterns, and how not to get caught in them.

Oshana EnergyWork for yoga students

Yoga is an endlessly rich and fascinating exercise system which acts on the mind and body. A student's yoga practice will be enhanced by an advanced awareness of the energy-lines and energy-centres (nadis and chakras) which the yoga techniques stimulate. Oshana EnergyWork is a perfect vehicle for those who wish to develop their yoga skills and knowledge.

Yoga is an extremely powerful ancient system to create explosive breakthroughs in consciouness and awaressness by causing heat and pressure in the body vessels, cavities, and energy-lines (nadis). Yogic techniques are dangerous if handled incorrectly and should not be regarded merely as flexibility, physical strength and relaxation exercises.

Oshana EnergyWork enables the yoga student's awareness of these dangers which allows them to avoid and prevent potential damage.

Oshana EnergyWork for enlightenment seekers

A person seeking enlightenment has vowed to discover everything that there is to know about themselves, their purpose and their spiritual and physical make-up. Oshana EnergyWork provides that information, makes self-deception almost impossible, eases the extreme discomfort of leaving the old identity behind and finding that life isn't what one used to believe it was.


" Oshana EnergyWork can be practised by anyone "

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