Oshana Enlightenment Testimonials


Website Transmission - Matrix Exit Point
It's like your website is an exit point, Each time I access oshana.org I get really strong transmissions. I can't go back ­ as Neo told Morpheus.

Blessed Life Mission Devoted to Love and Service
I have come to know deeply that my mission is one of love and service and I stand ready to devote my life to it fully. Am I blessed? Beyond my wildest imaginings.

Transmission is a Revelation of the Energy Source
The powerful transmissions I received from your divine Presence has begun to have a serious effect upon me. The transmission is a revelation of the energy source of matter that fills space that we are all part of.

Phone Transmission
Oshana had only spoken a few powerful sentences when "E" started to have very dramatic, and unexpected, experiences. I've read about transmissions, but I never imagined it to be like that. It was incredible!

Direct Connection in our Communication
What also surprises me is that there was such a direct connection in our communication, almost like conversing with oneself or looking into the same basic eyes.

So much joy!
I just thought Iīd let you know that there is so much JOY. God, I really got here! I sink into and become gratitude for the beauty of life. I canīt believe it was ever any different.

The Mind is not Available
My intuition is that it will take very little, the flutter of one butterfly passing or even less, for the awakening to be fully realized. Maybe it is already.

Share Enlightenment
It's so good to know there's someone like you willing to share "The experience" in such a free and clear way.

Radical Spiritual Teacher
You are so gentle, kind, interesting and accessible. What you are doing is important - a radical and courageous way for a spiritual teacher. So much more intense than Satsang meetings - personal and real.

State of No-Mind

All my doubts disappeared as I found myself in the most beautiful state of no-mind..it was such a relief to be without mind for that time, all the judgments and the constant clutter of circling thoughts went right out the window.

Seeking Stops

I feel very free of everything. It doesnīt really matter what happens. I donīt NEED to have anything anymore.

I had to really focus to come up with my name

Something is really happening here. There was a moment the other day when I had to really focus to come up with my name.

I strongly advise you to meet Oshana

Oshana has just talked to me and now I have no thoughts!

Not Many Teachers Can Do That

I wonder just how many beings on this earth today can offer that kind of assistance in a real way. Not many.

Falling in love

I feel freshness, clarity..., heart opening, a heart-melting recognition of yourself reflected in the other..., joy for no reason, tears for no reason; a returning to reality; a recognition of what is real.

Reviews from Websites

What is going on energetically with Oshana is of a high order

What is going on energetically with Oshana is of a high order... Some alchemy goes on beyond ordinary consciousness. Such an alchemy is worth more than rubies, and has a value beyond anything of this world.
~ SannyasNews.com

I couldn't hold onto a thought

...they just shot past my consciousness. I couldn't stop crying, I couldn't stop laughing. I was just in bliss.

Reviews from Journalists

Journalist's Psychedelic Phone Conversation

Canandian journalist, "N", had a mind-blowing phone conversation with Oshana. It took nine months to find words to describe it.

Go for it! Oprah Winfrey Show

Scenes from the "The Matrix" played in the background, as Kate recounted the unusual phenomenon which had occurred when she last met Oshana. Initially, she had been nervous and aware of the audience. But as Oshana spoke she became calm, and then suddenly - he disappeared!

Participant Testimonials

Focused Enlightenment Work

You are nurturing and gentle and yet intensely focused on the goal of enlightenment. It's perfect and beautiful!

Beyond Concepts

I remained very centered in the NOW, refusing to accept the help of any concept and relying solely upon what can be seen directly by this awareness. Then, this idea appeared: All There Is Is Consciousness.

Deeper Meditation

I felt that I was stuck with my life before I met Oshana, but during the meeting I felt a lot of Love and caring by Oshana and I have got new hope. My meditation practice has become "quieter and deeper" and I can feel his presence sometimes.

Twins Dream

I dreamed that my identical twin brother met you, and talked about life and reality. He visited me later, and we were 'together' like we'd never been before, I suddenly wasn't me. He was me, and I was him - looking at myself.

Embrace the Desire for Enlightenment

Sacrifice all of which one thinks one is so that IT can reveal itself as what you really are. The desire for enlightenment must be embraced with your whole being -- it is this that will take you home.

No Longer Identify with Thoughts & Feelings

Since we met in London the awakening continues without interruption. Thoughts and feelings arise but do not fundamentally affect my experience for I no longer identify with them.

Floating above the street

The walk we took outside was the freakiest bit -- but at the time felt completely normal. I was definitely all there, in mind and body, but my awareness was somewhere a few feet above. It felt like I was floating with you, just slightly above everyone else in the street, a bit like a balloon.

Awakening by E-mail

Paul had never spoken to Oshana except by e-mail

1 If I think it's gone, that very thought seems to bring it back. If I get caught up in thoughts or emotions, that also passes

2 Colors and textures look deeply rich, vibrant and almost alive. All I have to do is focus my attention on something and I can get drawn into it. Does this seem familiar to you?

3 For most of my life, I had either ignored my body or did things which hurt it, living far too much in my mind, and I now feel that this is impossible

4 I have been able to develop understandings of old issues which might have taken years to develop with conventional psychological therapy, but now these insights come to me in moments.

The Essence of Tantra

The Full Moon Satsang with Oshana gave us new and powerful insights into living with Truth in the context of relationship and modern lifestyles. The room crackled with electricity - the guy next to me was amazed as he saw swirling energy patterns in the room.

Sartori Bliss Satsang

My head exploded into bliss and St. Paul's Cathedral confronted me in a looming singularity... I had my first decent night's sleep for a week, and woke the next morning to strains of the Hallejulah Chorus ringing in my astral ears.

Wake Up and Roar Like a Lion

Wherever and whenever I LOOKED TO YOU I saw this self-nature alone in action. You are completely consumed by this fire, nothing else remains. Now, your invitation comes: LOOK AND SEE. THAT is your own nature. THAT is what you are meant to be. THAT is not some imagined or manufactured state. THAT is reality ~ Zen practitioner

Profound perspective shift

...Something profound happened to me - quite what that was is a mystery. There was a shift, a different perspective happened... Somehow everything appeared different - the river, the boats, the buildings - all seen from another angle to normal.

New Reality

I saw my ego/form as merely a construction and without life - it was as if I had moved outside myself momentarily and I saw I was FREE.

Deep well of love and peace

This is amazing. It seems there are so many ways that this is transmitted. I am constantly in awe. Now it seems that writing can be a vehicle for this too.

Mind minds it's own business

It doesn't matter at all what we are... Your concerns are not yours but the mind's. The mind minds it's own business. God pervades everything including the illusion of being human.

Incredibly Blissful

Most of the night was spent in an awareness of vastly increased consciousness or spaciousness, emptiness. And it was incredibly blissful... something which hasn't left since.

Wake Us Up

It was a lesson in humility and, finally, gratefulness for all your time and effort and your commitment to get us, me, to wake up... What keeps me going is love...and your words "Enlightenment is happening here. You will have it. I love you."

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